Friday, September 12, 2014

Life Update :-)

OK - just wanted to share - for the record....  I have indeed been working on some things for the Blog in the background - Secret Squirrel stuff ya'll can't see.  ;-)  BUT YOU WILL!

I am joining my first Blog Hop!  I hope you will all check it out and give me some feedback if ya think I need it.  ;-)

On other news - I know a lot of you that know me have been praying for my Dad.  THANK YOU!!   He has been in the hospital since 9/1/14 - had colostomy surgery on 9/8 and it went really well - yeah! - aside from not reacting well to the anesthetic.  So he could only have ice chips for several days.   Yesterday they upgraded him to broth and jello (his favorite!  NOT!!!)   So he is progressing well.
On Monday 9/15 he will have his other surgery to clean up some bedsore wounds - please pray for that surgery - no reaction to anesthesia (I know God can take care of that!) and for quick healign and recovery.  It is expected to take months of recovery in a rehab place - sigh.....  NO FUN - but my Mom and try to brign the fun to him.  So please pray also for strengeth and stamina for us.
I know we have all felt the prayers so far and I look forward to feeling them going forward  :-)    THANKS SO MUCH!!

I will begin making some more Close to My Heart announcements here - about my workshops, classes and artwork and sales, too.  So watch for those.

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