Thursday, May 23, 2013

Master Chef new Season has started!

In honor of Master Chef starting up again - here's one of my pictures from Vegas!   We didn't eat at his restaurant - although I'm sure he missed us, but alas.....

We had reservations in Paris!!
Seriously though - I DO recommend checking out Master Chef - those of you who know me know my elimination show addiction, but this one is pretty cool and you get to see Gordon Ramsey in a much better light than he is on Hell's Kitchen, which even "I" can't tolerate watching!  LOL

OK - one more picture from Vegas:
This is one of my favorite pictures of Justin and I - he blesses me in so many ways - I just LOVE when we can spend crazy, fun times together like this!  We went on the rollercoaster at New York New York right after this - LOVE love LOVE that rollercoaster - worth ALL $14!!!!

I'll be back soon with more artwork - but I didn't want to go TOO long without posting anything  :-)

Have a FABULOUS day!!!

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